Parent and Guardian Comments

......Two years ago I was invited to become a parent member of the Board of Trustees for NCCA. That is where my education began. I met a group of people that were passionate and protective of the students. They not only genuinely want these young people to succeed, but they want them to excel. They are just as proud to see them succeed and look forward to seeing them pursue their dreams in whatever endeavors they choose. After my term as a parent member, I requested to continue to be on the Board, I wanted to be a part of a project that is destined to be a leader in providing an alternative for students that struggle to fit into the public school system.

We received a letter from one of our graduates and family requesting that we share with you their testimony that is important to their hearts. It was conspired together and it also stated it was their way to show their gratitude.
From a Parents perspective, it is our goal to see our children, the next to carry on forward the generation in this fast paced society of technologies and to start into the world with a good education.

Some young people feel overwhelmed and are slower in learning and understanding and feel no one is there to help them in what becomes to them - nowhere, and saying "I can't do it". The result being their academic ability to stay in high school to graduation and diploma becomes unobtainable.

We thank North Country Charter Academy for this chance for our son and others in that the goal is obtainable here in a less overwhelming environment to succeed and get that diploma, which on this day - our son, having accomplished building a confidence towards the next step forward in life - "Got His Diploma at Graduation"
Love "Dads & Moms"

A sincere thank you to the Academy for the reasons you are "The North Country Charter Academy"

Comment from a family member sent to us via email following graduation ceremony....
I just wanted to thank you for every thing you've done for (student). I honestly didn't think he was going to graduate which was killing me inside. I've always told him school was important and not to make the same mistakes in life as I did. He seemed to really like it at charter and now he's thinking about going to WMCC with me for auto tech. which I started back in January. (which I got the first A in my life). If he didn't go to Charter I don't think he would still be in school and definitely wouldn't be thinking about going to WMCC. Thanks for everything. You didn't just help (student), you helped me and my mother in many ways with him. So its not just the student that you help, its everyone that's cares about him. I have cried many nights to my wife about (student) and his school, but you and charter took that off my chest and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart